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CSVwater Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd is a specialist company focussing the bulk of its attention on water and wastewater treatment and infrastructure projects. CSV can afford to focus on such a specialised field because:


CSV's award winning principals are recognised leaders in their respective fields, be it process design, plant analysis, civil and mechanical engineering design, as well as plant operations and maintenance.

CSV's support staff are specialists in their own right with many years of experience in the company's focus area,

CSV's systems are designed such that it can deliver the right water treatment solutions effectively and economically, and

CSV's principals and employees have developed a network of relationships with other experts in various other specialist fields. CSV regularly call on these specialists to enable it to deliver complete and novel solutions to its clients. This also allows CSV to outsource non-core activities while focussing on its own strengths.

Its not surprising then that CSV are frequently called on by a number of larger and more established firms to assist where they need to deliver specialist support to their existing client base. This happens to the extent that other engineering consultants make up a large portion of CSV's client base. This is to be expected given CSV's policy to compliment, and support players in the industry, and to share available work rather than to go into outright competition. With this approach CSV has gained many friends and supporters in the Consulting Engineering fraternity.

CSV also services National and Local government directly. Again, CSV's specialist services are regularly called on by government departments and other public bodies when specialist support is required. Private industry have similarly benefitted from CSV's input on various projects.

Thank you for taking the time to view our website. Please call on us to find how we can support you when our specialist knowledge and experience is required.

Please note that we have moved offices to:
Route 21 Corporate Park, Building 72, Regency Drive, Irene
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